Friday, July 1, 2011

shower caps, sunsets, and sweet babies

 have y'all seen these? i saw them first at my mil's house and couldn't figure out what the heck they were. i thought they were tiny shower caps...for dolls. hahahahhahaha
isn't that what they look like?? but actually, they are even better! shower caps for your food! and they are perfect for people like me who get into a fight with saran wrap every time i use it! :)  it's the little things....

 one day soon i will post more of our vacation pictures...but check out this sunset from our balcony one night! awesome!!!

 and look at this nephew lukey! i love his chunky butt so much! this is after he and hutton raided the doritos! :)

hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend!

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  1. Thank you for your post. Will you tell me where you get your different size shower caps? I'd like to try this for our food and have many different size containers, from very small to large.