Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 i have the hardest time coming up with blog post titles. can you tell? ha!  
 when we got back from the beach we discovered we have some new neighbors. isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen? well...cute until i get dive bombed by mommy. look how tiny the eggs are???? i wish they would just stay like this. once the babies are born...all ugly and slimy...they aren't so cute anymore.

 last year brian started a "tradition" of growing a mustache during vacation. well actually, he grows a goatee(which i really like) but just to see my reaction...on the last day, he shaves everything off except the DORKIEST mustache you have ever laid your eyes on. and i have nothing nice to say about it because i HATE it. and to make matters worse, he follows me around the house just staring at me and grinning....that thing is so gives me a stomach ache. no kidding. so this year i took a picture. for the whole world to see. or all seven blog readers to see.  check THIS out....

 and last but not least....what is it about summer that makes outfits like this proper attire? :)

happy tuesday wednesday. please don't ever ask me the date or day of the week in the summer...because chances will get the wrong information. ;)

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