Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kegs and Naps

   Yesterday I was reading Bob Books with Hutton and we came across this page...

To which Hutton replied..."Hey! They have those at the winery". 
After I composed myself...the first two thoughts that came to mind  were....
1. I would smiling like that also...if I had a whole barrel of wine to myself.
2. Maybe I shouldn't be taking my kids to a winery.... ;)

So, we continued reading and lo and behold, look what was next.

I'm not sure "nap" is the correct verb. 
Maybe the "keg" had something to do with it. ;)

Here is to everyone getting a little drink from the keg and a quick nap today! Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. Hannah, you and I sound very much alike! I can take naps without a sip from the keg, though! Love your blog! You are creative, a very special mom, and HAPPY! I love you <3